No.Project NameDurationProject CostLoan / Grant No.SourceType
1Bakheng Water Supply Project Phase 1
(The Supply and Delivery of distribution systems for Low Income Household)
2020-2024$15,000,000FI No.92589EUGrant
2Bakheng Water Supply Project (Phase 1)
-Construction of Bakheng WPF stage1, 195MLD
-Supply and Delivery of distribution systems
-Institutional Consultant
2018-2022$100,000,000FI No.89008 & No.91016EIBLoan
3Bakheng Water Supply Project (Phase 1)
-Construction of Bakheng WPF stage1, 195MLD
-Supply and Delivery of distribution systems
-Consultant service for WPF stage1
4The Extension of Chamcar Morn Water Production Facilities and Distribution System Project2017-2021$35,934,0001174-01PAFDLoan
5Mlech Water Supply Project2018-2020$PPWSA
6Feasibility Study for Northern-Western Resource and Technical Assistance for Zoning Activities Implementation (share from FASEP) - ( money withdraw from Loan 1121 01F by Add No.1 on Contract Safege)2015$356,434FASEPAFDGrant
7NIROTH WATER SUPPLY PROJECT PHASE 22013-2017$27,920,210CKH-1121-01FAFDLoan
8Extension of Water Supply System to the Greater Phnom Penh (GPPWSS)2012$350,451FERC-CKH-1111AFDGrant
9Project for Introduction of Clean Energy by Solar Electricity Generation System with capacity of 777Kwh/day2010-2013$8,000,0000962090JICAGrant
10Niroth Water Supply Project Phase 1 (JICA)2009-2013$40,837,808CP-P9JICALoan
11Niroth Water Supply Project Phase 1 (AFD)2009-2013$54,102,394CKH-1075-03SAFDLoan
12Feasibility Study of the South Branch of Phnom Penh Transmission Main2009$100,000CKH 3007 01L & CKH 1089 01VAIMFGrant
13Supply and Delivery of HDPE and DI Pipes & Fittings, Project for Phum Trapaing Achanh & Phum Ondoung2009$214,957AIMF FranceGrant
14Clean Water for all Project (Household connection)2007-2010$200,086Marie de ParisGrant
15Agreement for funding and assistance for Project Implementation (S&D of HDPE fitting and Valves for Sen Sok Community)2006-2007$300,000AIMF FranceGrant
16The Extension of Chrouy Changwar Water Treatment Plant Phase 22007-2009$998,742CKH-6000-01GAFDLoan
17The extension of Phnom Penh Suburb Water Supply System2003-2008$6,000,000CKH-1055-01MAFDGrant
18Provincial and Peri-Urban Water and Sanitation Project2003-2008$10,187,4823746-KH & H034-KHWorld BankLoan & Grant
19Cambodia Urban Water Supply Project1998-2004$23,966,5073041-KHWorld BankLoan
20- Master Plan Target 2010 (1993-1994)
- Repair Phum Prek Treatement Plant, increasing the capacity from 5,000m³/day (Phase 1) (1995-1999)
- Replacement of supply networks 52km in 7Makara and part of TuolKork district (Phase 2) (1995-1999)
- Expansion of Phum Prek Treatment Plant to increase capacity to 150,000m³/day. (2001-2003)
- Remaster Plan Target 2020 (2004-2006)
- Capacity Building for Water Supply System in Cambodia (2003-2006)
21 Phnom Penh Water Supply and Drainage Project. Part A- Water Supply ADB Loan No.1468-CAM(SF)1997-2003$12,745,1941468-CAM(SF)ADBLoan
22Phum Prek Reservoir Restoration & Filter Backwash Equip. replacement, and Expansion of Chamcarmon Treatment Plant1995-1998$14,770,608France GovtGrant
23Improvement of customer surveys and record keeping1993-1994$2,803,001UNDP & World BankGrant