Residents, who wish to be connected to the existing water network near their houses, are required to fill in an application form and submit it along with other required documents to the house connection office of PPWSA. However, if there is no existing water pipeline in the area concerned, residents are required to also apply forthe installation of a water supply line.

On receipt of a request for PPWSA to install a water supply line in areas which are not serviced by a water pipeline, the house connection office, in cooperation with the design office visits the site to make an evaluation of the feasibility of installing a water pipeline in the area. If it is feasible to install a water pipeline, it will be installed. If it is not feasible, the applicants will receive a detailed response providing reasons for PPWSA's decision not to install a water pipeline. Subsequent to the installation of the water pipeline, PPWSA arranges a meeting with local residents to provide information about the water supply including:

• water treatment and quality;
• procedures for making an application for a water connection;
• PPWSA's policies in helping poor people to access the water connection;
• rights and responsibilities relating to the water network;
• water fees, tariffs and billings; and
• general information for the customers.

At the same time, residents are provided with application forms and given instructions on how to complete the forms.

Within three days of receipt of the payment of the connection fee, the water meter is connected by an installation team, consisting of PPWSA's employees, who also provide a report of the connection to the customers.

Within three working days of the water connection, the customer's data is transferred to the Navision system for billing purposes. All customers' data are recorded on a daily and weekly basis to ensure the safety of information.

• Water Connection Application Form for Demostic (Meter from 15mm to 40mm (Download)