Extension of Water Supply System to the Greater Phnom Penh (GPPWSS), AFD GRANT No. CKH 1111

Grant No. CKH1111
Source of FundAgence Francaise de Development
Grand AmountEUR 250,322.00
ReferenceMaster Plan of water industry in Phnom Penh City from 2005 to 2020 of PPWSA issued in Februry 2006
Approval policy from AFD to use fund FERC2 CKH1111 amount 300,000USD for feasibility study of water supply entire the city from 2015 to 2030
RequestGrant to MIME, ref letter No.850លស Date 14 November 2011
MIME to MEF05/12/2011
NOL from MEF13/02/2012
NOL from AFD27/07/2012
The Authorize SignatureHE.PRORK SOVANRITH, Secretary of State, Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy
MIME give Delegation toPhnom Penh Water Supply Authority(PPWSA)
Name & SpecimenMr.SIM SITHA, General Director of PPWSA
Grant Agreement CKH1111         29/12/2011
Project NameExtension of Water Supply System to the Greater Phnom Penh(GPPWSS)
Project ActivityConsultant's Service for Master Plan Update, Feasility Study and Environmental Impact Assessment
Contracted Date24 Jul 2012
Completion Date25 Jun 2013